XRP Ledger Explainer Series

Motion Graphics

Ripple Labs
Motion Graphics

This was one of my longest freelance jobs, spanning about five months of dedicated work. I worked with Belljar Animation Studio to create a ten episode series for Ripple Labs, explaining how their blockchain technology, The XRP Ledger, worked and stood out amongst other blockchains. 

I started this project very early in the process, from sketching story boards on paper, designing in Illustrator, multiple weeks of client revisions, eventually consulting with Ripple’s design team to work collaboratively on story boards in Figma. The goal was to explain something complicated in a concise, visually appealing way. The challenge was to make our videos stand out amongst a well established library of designs used to visualize blockchain technology. 

We ended up establishing a dictionary of icons, symbols, and colors to ensure consistency and clarity throughout the ten episodes. Each frame and project file was built using elements from the master key, ensuring organization would remain at the forefront of this complex project. 

This was one of my first freelance projects after I graduated in the spring of 2021, and it taught me so much about the nature of freelance work and animation. I learned how to keep large projects organized with teams working in different time zones, how to speak to clients and designers, and how to design and animate in a style I had never personally worked with before. 

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